March 24, 2020

For Sakuragaoka students and members


As you know, infectious diseases caused by the coronavirus 2019 are spreading in Japan and around the world.

Based on this situation, we will announce the following preventive measures against the spread of infection at the Sakuragaoka Campus, which has a university hospital with many patients, until March 31, 2020.

We look forward to your understanding and cooperation with students and members.

1. Travel abroad:

Unnecessary and urgent overseas travel is prohibited in principle, whether for business trips or private travel.

2. Domestic travel:

We will refrain from unnecessary and urgent domestic travel as much as possible, whether for business trips or private travel.

If a staff member travels in Japan, check the endemic area (attached sheet) and obtain permission from the director.

3) Record:

Regardless of whether you are attending school or attending work, you will have a self-examination temperature and record it daily on the paper specified by each department.

4. If you have fever of 37.5 °C or higher:

Avoid attending school / hospitalization. Students should contact the Student Support Section, hospital staff should contact their risk manager, and other member should contact their director.



Dean, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences

Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry

Dean, Graduate School of Health Sciences

Director, Kagoshima University Hospital


Please note that these preventive measures may be updated in the future.

Student Affairs Division, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences