Become a Master Course Student

General Information

•We are seeking ambitious students who want to study medical sciences in Kagoshima, Japan.
•Students with a Bachelor’s degree in any background (Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Dietetics, etc.) are welcome.
•The majority of courses are in English.
•Scholarships are available for excellent students.

Educational Goals

The aim of the graduate program is to develop each student to be able to apply knowledge and techniques related to medicine and dentistry that positively impact various fields of health and industry.  Students will acquire specialized knowledge that can be applied to the prevention and treatment of diseases in humans and for the conservation of the environment and the development of society. Students will gain the necessary skills to be scholars and practitioners who possess a broad range of perspectives and ethical standards.

Admission Policy

-- We seek candidates who

1. Aim to engage in medical care, welfare, and health care administration as medical professionals
2. Have the willingness to learn and engage enthusiastically in research related to medicine, dentistry, and health care.
3. Are interested in different fields and cultures and capable of communicating internationally
4. Possess basic academic abilities and knowledge and techniques in their specialized fields as graduates of undergraduate programs
5. Possess the attitude of learning independently and are interested in various problems of local and international communities related to their
    specialized field
6. Are willing to discover, explore and resolve problems independently.

-- Prerequisites for Admission

1. Basic academic abilities equivalent to a bachelor's degree in life sciences or related domains
2. The English Language skills to be able to read international papers in specialized fields
3. Basic academic abilities as university graduates and necessary knowledge and techniques in their specialized fields
4. The attitude of learning independently and an interest in the various problems of local and international communities related to their specialized field
5. A strong will to discover, explore and resolve problems independently

-- Basic Policy for Selection of New Entrants

Targeting applicants meeting specified application requirements, we evaluate basic academic abilities in the domains of medical sciences through an essay exam and capability of reading literature related to the areas of medical sciences in English through a foreign language exam (English)
[International students are assessed for language skills in their ability to read and understand and to conduct research through an English exam prepared specifically for international students and a Japanese test].

Curriculum Policy

1. The curriculum provides compulsory and elective subjects for systematically and intensively acquiring the essence of the basic required knowledge
    and techniques to become researchers and educators in medicine and dentistry
2. The curriculum provides education that nurtures high ethical standards and problem-solving skills required for maintaining professions that necessitate
    high specialization through conducting research and presentations
3. The curriculum provides education that nurtures individuals who acquire practical abilities to demonstrate advanced expertise and necessary research
    skills in specialized fields.

Diploma Policy

The Master's degree is awarded to individuals who obtain the required credits for completion, have been enrolled for the specified period, have acquired the following abilities and have passed the review conducted by the graduate medical and dental school.
1. The core competencies and specialized knowledge that can be applied to the prevention and treatment of disease in humans, conservation of
    environment and development of society
2. The basic abilities for specialists who can socially contribute to various fields of life sciences and medical sciences
3. Capacity to apply specialized knowledge and techniques based on academic research from a broad perspective and with high ethical standards to
    medicine and related domains
4. Capacity to contribute to the development of local and international communities utilizing basic research capabilities in the specialized field an advanced
    knowledge and expertise.

Outline of the Global Course (Master Course) for Medical Sciences

The Global Master Course for Medical Sciences will be established in the 2019 school year based on the mission of Kagoshima University’s global education. Designed for international students from around the world, this course generally offers all-English lessons and research guidance to earn a Master of Medical Science degree.
The course curriculum consists of the following subjects. First, Structure and the Function of the Human Body, Genes and Diseases, General Pathology, Ethics and Science, Statistical Analysis of Medical and Biological Data, and Learning Life Science in English are among the basic subjects required to understand the medical sciences. In addition, Medical Nutrition, Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Science, Brain Science, and Regenerative and Advanced Medicine offer advanced medical studies as a key feature of the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences. Furthermore, Bioscience Practice teaches students how to acquire advanced research techniques in DNA, RNA, protein, and enzyme studies, in addition to basic skills in histology, physiology, pharmacology, and statistics.
On top of these lectures and practical training delivered by specialists in each field, Medical Science Lecture, Medical Science Research, and Advanced Medical Research provide educational and research guidance by supervisors based on each student’s research theme.

Contact Infomation

Administration Office, Kagoshima University
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Address: Sakuragaoka 8-35-1, Kagoshima City 890-8544, Japan
Telephone: +81-99-275-5120
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.