April, 2003 The Graduate School of Medical Science and The Graduate School of Dental Science were integrated as the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences.(two courses, fourteen fields)
April, 2004 Medical Sciences established.
Center for Chronic Viral Diseases established.
Preventive Medicine (SNBL Funded) established.
June, 2006 Medical Joint Materials (Japan Medical Materials Corp.) established.
November, 2006 Cardiac Repair and Regeneration (Genzyme Japan) established.
April, 2007 Center for Education and Training of Medical Experts on Island and Community Medicine established.
May, 2008 Center for Integrative Life Sciences established.
Center for the Research of Advanced Diagonosis and Therapy of Cancer established.
Education and Research Center for Advanced Oral Science established.
April, 2009 Hematooncology Cooperative Department of Innovative Medicine established.
April, 2010 Systems Biology in Thromboregulation (Cooperation with Medipolis Research Institute) established.
April, 2011 Longevity Oral Science established.
June, 2011 The near-Future Organ Medicine Creation Course (Kusunokikai) established.
July, 2011 Molecular Frontier Surgery established.
October,2012 Clinical Oncology established
Cardiac Repair and Regeneration(Genzyme Japan)closed
April,2013 Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Master Course reduced enrollment(Medical Sciences Course20→10)
HGF Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine established.
March, 2015 System Biology in Thromboregulation(Cooperation with Medipolis Research institute)closed.
April, 2015 System Biology in Thromboregulation established.
Research and Education Assembly Medical and Dental Sciences Area established.
May, 2015 Centar for Innovative Therapy Research and Application established.