1.The necessary requirements to complete the Master course

Attend the school for a decided term (minimum two years) and to pass more than 30 credits and take the required research courses.

2.Credit requirements

The credits required for the completion of the graduate program

Please refer to the syllabus (PDF) by clicking the subject name

Global Master Course for Medical Sciences

pdfSubject Registration

Type of course
Subject Credits 1st grade 2nd grade Note
First Semester Second Semester First Semester Second Semester
Required pdfStructure and the Function of the Human Body 2        
pdfGenes and Diseases 2      
pdfGeneral Pathology 2      
pdfBioscience practice 3      
pdfEthics and science 2      
Medical Science Lecture 2 (1) (1)    
Medical Science Research 6 (2) (4)    
Required subtotal 19        
pdfMedical Nutrition 2        
pdfLearning Life Science in English 2      
pdfMolecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Science 2      
pdfRegenerative and Advanced Medicine 2      
pdfStatistical Analysis of Medical and Biological Data 1      
pdfBrain Science 2    
Advanced Medical Research 5 (2) (3) (2) (3)
Required Elective subtotal 11        
Total 30          

3.Thesis and Related Procedures

>pdfFlowchart of the Thesis (Master of Medical Science) Examination

1st year

>docResearch Plan

>docInquiry Form on Research Ethics for a Master’s Thesis

2nd year

>docLetter of Recommendation_Form1

>docDegree (Master) Application_Form2


>docCurriculum Vitae_Form4

>docInquiry Form on Research Ethics for a Master’s Thesis_Form5

>docSummary of the Thesis Examination

>docSummary of the Final Examination Results

>docMaster’s Thesis Title Registration Form

>docRegarding the recommendation for master’s thesis examination committee members

>docxPermission for Accessing and Copying a Thesis