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Graduate School Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Course Advanced Therapeutics Course
Field Cooperative Department of Innovative Medicine
Department Neurohumoral Biology



TEL.+81-99-223-1151 / FAX.+81-99-226-9246

Research interests

  • Pathophysiological Study of Cardiotrophin-1 in Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Pathophysiological Study of Interleukin-6 in Cardiac Myxoma
  • Pathophysiological Study of Interleukin-33 and ST2 in Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Study of Pleiotropic Effects of Statins


城ヶ崎倫久 Michihisa Jougasaki

Name Michihisa JOUGASAKI
Specialized field 循環器病学
Research interests
  • 心臓病における生理活性物質の研究
  • 心臓腫瘍における生理活性物質の研究
  • 動脈硬化における生理活性物質の研究

Research results

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  4. Jougasaki M, Ichiki T, Takenoshita Y, Setoguchi M.:
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  5. Ichiki T, Jougasaki M, Setoguchi M, Imamura J, Nakashima H, Matsuoka T, Sonoda M, Nakamura K, Minagoe S, Tei C.:
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  • 糖尿病患者におけるDPP-4阻害薬のスイッチングが生理活性物質に及ぼす影響の研究

Research Grant List

Project・Event / ResearchSpan
NHO指定研究 平成26年度指定研究
EBM研究 平成24年度課題
Oxygen Preconditioning prevents Contrast-Induced Nephropathy after cardiac catheterization (OPtion CIN)
EBM研究 平成24年度課題
EBM研究 平成22年度課題
観血的医療処置時の抗血栓薬の適切な管理に関する研究 Management of antithrombotic agents during surgery or other kinds of medical procedures with bleeding.