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Graduate School Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Course Advanced Therapeutics Course
Field Oncology
Department Oral Pathology



TEL.+81-99-275-6142 / FAX.+81-99-275-6148

Research interests

  • Establishment of criteria for Pathological diagnosis of oral precancers
  • Analysis for mesenchymal differentiation factors in craniofacial region
  • Investigation of DNA methylation status in multiple oral cancers


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Name Ichiro SEMBA
Specialized field Oral Pathology
Research interests
  • Establishment of criteria for Pathological diagnosis of oral precancers
  • Analysis for mesenchymal differentiation factors in craniofacial region

Researche Repository

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Assistant Professor
Name Kaori SHIMA
Specialized field Oral Pathology
Research interests Investigation of DNA methylation status in multiple oral cancers

Researche Repository

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Name Yuka KAJIYA

Research results

Ichiro SEMBA
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Research Grant List

Ichiro SEMBA
Project・Event / SpanResearch
平成21~23年度 代表
平成18年 分担
平成16年 分担
Project・Event / SpanResearch
Investigation of DNA methylation status in multiple oral cancers