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Kagoshima University Graduate school of Medical and Dental Sciences

TORII Mitsuo, PhD, Dean

//Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences was established in 2003 after the consolidation of the Graduate School of Medical Science and the Graduate School of Dental Science with the objective of disease prevention and cutting-edge medicine through collaboration in medical and dental research, the integration of clinical and fundamental research and the use of the case by case approach. The school was divided into 2 courses, Health Science and Advanced Treatment Science, offering 14 majors. In 2004, the Medical Science course was added and the Centre for Chronic Viral Diseases was opened. A further 7 majors were offered: preventative medicine (until 2009), medical joint materials, cardiac repair and regeneration, system biology in thromboregulation, the near-future organ medicine creation, molecular frontier surgery and HGF tissue repair and regeneration.

//While tackling the universal problems of medical and dental research each of the majors also offers research at a global level, research that is high in creativity and research that is region specific. In addition, the majors in international and community medicine, regeneration and transplantation and space environmental medicine offer flexible research that is both start-of-the-art and region specific.

//Some of the highly creative research that has been conducted so far at our graduate school and contributed to society in many ways includes research on HAM caused by HTLV-1 (HTLV-1 associated myelopathy), research on citrulline deficiency and Fabry’s disease. Moreover research with a local flavour has been conducted such as research on longevity based on Amami islands, research on space environment medicine as well as research into the use of miniature pigs for organ transplantation. Moreover our graduate school is active in inter-faculty research with the other 9 faculties and 10 post-graduate schools of Kagoshima University, as well as conducting international research across the East Asian and South Pacific regions; in particular we are aiming to establish research links with the Muslim world. In the future we want to put extra efforts into becoming one of the main research and educational facilities in Japan for fundamental and clinical cancer and translational research as well as for lesser known areas such as psychosomatic medicine and rehabilitation. These will be promoted by the school’s Centre for the Research of Advanced Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer and Centre for Integrative Life Sciences.
Our post-graduate and PhD courses with their high levels of internationalization and computerization offer majors that answer to the varying needs of our students to produce graduates with a high sense of ethics to work as either medical researchers or medical professionals.

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