Research outline


Graduate School Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
Course Advanced Therapeutics Course
Field Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
Department Fixed Prosthodontics



TEL.+81-99-275-6212 / FAX.+81-99-275-6218

Research interests

  • Development and evaluation of new bonding systems to dental restorative materials
  • Development of a new dental treatment with polymeric bonding to dental alloys
  • Improvement of esthetic treatment using bonding systems to ceramics and composites
  • Evaluation of repairing systems for removable prostheses
  • Development of a standardized test method for adhesion systems
  • Establishment of diagnostic methods for TMD patients


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Name Hiroyuki MINAMI
Specialized field Fixed prosthetic dentistry、Dental material science
Research interests
  • Study on development of adhesive technique for dental polymers
  • Study on adhesion between dental alloy and resin

Researche Repository

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Name Yoshito MINESAKI
Specialized field Fixed prosthetic dentistry、Dental material science
Research interests
  • 新しい接着ブリッジに関する研究
  • 歯質の接着に関する研究

Researche Repository

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Assistant Professor
Name Akihiko KADOKAWA
Specialized field Fixed prosthetic dentistry、Dental materials science
Research interests
  • Research for denture base soft lining materials
  • Research for dental resin composite

Researche Repository

Research results

Hiroyuki MINAMI
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  • Flexual strength of denture base resin repaired with auto-polymerizing resin and reinforcements after thermocycle stressing, J Prosthodont 14(1), 12, 2005
  • The effect of surface treatment on the bonding of an auto-polymerizing soft denture liner to a denture base resin, Int J Prosthodont 17(2), 297, 2004
  • In vitro evaluation of the influence of repairing condition of denture base resin on the bonding of auto-polymerizing resins, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 91:164-170, 2004.
  • The effect of surface treatment on the bonding of an auto-polymerizing soft denture liner to a denture base resin, International Journal of Prosthodontics, 17: 297-301, 2004.
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  • Flexural strengths of denture base resin repaired with auto-polymerizing resin and reinforcements after thermo-cycle stressing, Journal of Prosthodontics, 14: 12-18, 2005.
  • In vitro evaluation of the bonding of auto-polymerizing soft denture liner to cobalt-chromium alloy, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 32: 454-460, 2005.
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  • Effects of thermal cycling on surface texture of restorative composite materials, Dental Materials Journal, 26: 316-322, 2007.
  • In vitro evaluation of the effect of thermal and mechanical fatigues on the bonding of an autopolymerizing soft denture liner to denture base materials using different primers, Journal of Prosthodontics, 17: 392-400, 2008.
  • Effect of hydrofluoric acid etching on shear bond strength of an indirect resin composite to an adhesive cement, Dental Materials Journal, 27: 515-522, 2008.
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  • Twelve-year results of a direct-bonded partial prosthesis in a patient with advanced periodontitis: A clinical report, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 108: 69-73, 2012.
  • History and current state of metal adhesion systems used in prosthesis fabrication and placement, Journal of Oral Science, 55: 1-7, 2013. 
  • Effect of adhesion promoting monomer addition to MMA-TBBO resin on bonding to pure palladium, Dental Materials Journal, 32: 173-180, 2013.
  • Effect of adherend temperature on bond strengths of resin bonding systems to denture base resin and a semi-precious alloy, Dental Materials Journal, 32: 341-348, 2013.
  • Evaluation of fracture resistance of composite crowns by cyclic impact test: Influence of indirect composite and abutment material, Dental Materials Journal, 32: 433-440, 2013.
  • The influence of light irradiation on polymerization degree of dual-cure cement beneath restorations by measuring Vickers hardness, Dental Materials Journal, 32: 449-455, 2013.

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  • レジン支台築造の臨床的有用性を向上させる新規レジン支台築造システムVo2,170,2-7,2013

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  • Consistency of alginate impression materials and their evaluation, J Oral Rehabil, 26(3), 203(1999)
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Patents and copy Rights

title / application date 歯科用重合性仮着材組成物 / 2010年2月18日
inventor / application number Hiroyuki MINAMI / 特許2010037267号


  • 歯学系:歯科生体材料学分野
  • その他:アラバマ大学歯学部バイオマテリアル分野

Research Grant List

Hiroyuki MINAMI
Project・Event / Span 萌芽 / ~2017年
Research 自己修復機能を有する樹脂を用いた義歯の滑沢を保つコーティング材の開発
Project・Event / Span 基盤研究(C) / ~2017年
Research 咀嚼感覚と耐久性に優れたウレタン系軟性裏装材の開発研究
Project・Event / Span 基盤研究(C) / ~2017年
Research 機能化したバイオナノファイバー強化による歯科補綴材料の開発
Project・Event / Span 若手(B)/ ~2017年
Research 審美性と接着耐久性を兼ね備えたダイレクトボンディングブリッジの開発